Friday, February 06, 2009

WSO2 ESB-2.0 is released!!

WSO2 ESB-2.0 brings the power and performance in Apache Synapse mediation and the modularity of the OSGi framework into a single space.

WSO2 ESB-2.0 is based on Apache Synapse-1.2 and it will bring a magnificent tool to the Synapse configuration development. It is not only a development tool because it allows you to monitor the mediation through the web console.

WSO2 ESB is comprised with a set of good new features to make it easy to build a synapse configuration graphically. Some of the features implemented on the WSO2 ESB-2.0 are;
  • This ESB release is based on Carbon "Middleware a' la carte" which is an OSGi based SOA platform by WSO2 Inc.
  • Transactional JMS transport and the Transaction mediators
  • Integrated graphical user management
  • Integrated graphical key store management
  • Configurable logging through the management console
  • Graphical data source declaration
  • WS-Eventing support and Event Sources making it an event broker
  • Enhanced sequence and proxy service editor
  • Module management capability
  • Transport configuration management through the graphical console
  • Graceful/Forced shutdown/restart
  • Enhanced integrated registry and search functionalities
  • User permissions support
  • Enhanced monitoring tools for statistics and tracing
  • Try-It tool to try an existing service
  • Graphical policy editor
  • Administration console fully internationalized
  • Better modularity and extendability through OSGi component architecture
You could find more information on this release over here. The project home page will contain all the relevant information while it has a comprehensive documentation, You can download the ESB-2.0 release and give it a try.

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