Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Apache Synapse 0.90 Released

Apache Synapse team is happy to announce the 0.90 release of Apache Synapse and the updated web site

You can download this release from:

[Note] Please note that the release artifacts may not be mirrored to all mirror sites yet, hence select a mirror that works for you (e.g.

This release includes many samples that illustrate the features of Synapse, and an Apache Axis2 server bundled in, that hosts sample back-end services to help demonstrate the Synapse sample configurations.

The main features of this release includes:
- Proxy services (Service mediation) and Message mediation support with an enhanced set of mediators
- Support for Endpoint definitions
- Integration with a built-in Registry
- Support the dynamic refresh of resources and mediation rules loaded from the Registry
- Support for HTTP and JMS transports
- Support for WS-Reliable Messaging and WS-Security through WS-Policies
- Script mediator supporting all BSF scripting languages
- Error handling and recovery support for mediation
- Samples and enhanced documentation
- Maven 2 based build process

Thank you for using Apache Synapse.

The Apache Synapse team


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